let go.

one thing i have learned about anxiety disorder in the past 24 hours is that life happens. tragedy happens. your closest friend’s houses might burn down in the middle of the night. and it gives you panic attacks, it makes your stomach hurt, but you have to rise above the terror and the chemical imbalances in your brain and just keep going. life will keep happening whether we are scared or not. we have to just keep trying and pushing and not letting it ruin us. i am a wreck right now - my nerves are shot, my stomach hurts, which just freaks me out. what’s important is that we keep going and just let go of control. sometimes life truly is not in our control - things happen that are unexplained and absolutely horrible and gut wrenching. but we cannot do anything to fix it. and instead of living in terror of what those things are, we have to keep going. for the sake of those that love us. for the sake of ourselves.

these are just my thoughts. i hope you can see it and understand how strong you are and that you can live through this and you will be okay. i hope your heart hurts less tonight.

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